Offenburg City

Offenburg is a mid-size city in the South-West of Germany. It has a beautiful historic city center and is located along the Black Forest in the middle of one of the best wine regions in Germany. It is close France (Strasbourg) and Switzerland (Bale).

Offenburg is close (40 – 70 km) to various int’l airports (Strassbourg, Karlsruhe, Bale) being served by low-cost carriers (AirBerlin, easyjet, ryanair, and alike). The main German airport hub in Frankfurt can be reached in 90 min with directly connecting high-speed trains (ICE).

The University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, founded in 1964, (www.hs-offenburg.de) quickly established itself as an impressive and high performance educational institution. Originally founded as the "National School of Engineering", the University has developed into a thriving community, with nearly 5,000 students on two different campuses.


Social Program

A social program and a conference dinner will be provided.