The conference scope includes, but is not limited to:

Track A: Wireless Technologies

A  1: modulation, coding, diversity
A  2: information-theoretic aspects of wireless communications
A  3: interference characterization and avoidance
A  4: cognitive radio, multi user detection
A  5: ultra-wide bandwidth communication
A  6: wireless MAC protocols: design, capacity and analysis; cognitive and
         cooperative MAC
A  7: security and safety with wireless systems
A  8: wireless multicasting & routing
A  9: localization for wireless networks
A10: antenna design and simulation
A11: ultra low power designs, incl. energy harvesting and energy autarky
A12: analytical, simulation, or experimental systems
A13: test-bed and prototype implementation for wireless
A14: commissioning, analyzing and monitoring of distributed wireless networks
A15: regulations & spectrum management
A16: standardization & harmonization
A18: new development for LTE,5G,NB-IOT and alike 
A19: IEEE 802.15.4 & Zigbee
A21: IPv6 for Wireless, 6LoWPAN
A22: Bluetooth
A23: narrowband long range technologies like SigFox, Weightless, LoRa, LoRaWAN etc

Track B: Wireless Network Architectures and Management

B 1: proxies and middleware for wireless networks
B 2: service oriented architectures, service portability
B 3: QoS support, middleware
B 4: innovative user interfaces, peer-to-peer services for multimedia
B 5: dynamic services, autonomic services
B 6: AAA, application-oriented network management
B 7: personalization, service discovery, profiles and profiling

Track C: Wireless Services & Applications

C  1: emerging wireless/mobile applications
C  2: multimedia & SIP based service
C  3: context and location-aware wireless services and applications
C  4: wireless for telemedicine, and e-health services
C  5: wireless for intelligent transportation systems (ITS),
        including Car-2-Car- and Car-2-X-communication
C  6: wireless for smart meter and smart grid applications
C  7: wireless for smart home and smart building applications
C  8: integration of sensor-actuator-networks into Cloud -based services
C  9: industrial applications(Industry 4.0)
C10: application layers for wireless networks
C11: wireless for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications
C12: cognitive radio and sensor-based applications
C13: wireless for emergency and security systems
C14: Business Processes for Wireless Applications and Services
C15: Business Models for Wireless Applications and Services

It's our pleasure to invite the interested scientists to organize own tracks.